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2014 Conference: Experts on the Agenda

Our Saturday agenda at the 2014 Conference (June 26-28) is packed with presentations from some of the leading researchers on BBS.

Confirmed speakers include:

Dr. Nico Katsanis, Center for Human Disease Modeling, Duke University:
Dr. Nico probably needs no introduction, but for those new to the community, he has hosted the last two association conferences. He has been a leader in BBS research since before any genes were identified, and has recently identified yet another gene.

Dr. Elise Heon, chief of pediatrics, Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto: Dr.
Heon spoke at our last conference (you can see a summary of her talk on our website). She has been busy in the meantime with BBS research not only on vision but on obesity.

Dr. Les Biesecker, National Institutes of Health: Dr. Biesecker leads the
BBS research program at NIH and we’re excited to hear about developments there.

We will also be joined by our host researchers for the conference:

Dr. Val Sheffield, University of Iowa: Dr. Sheffield is another groundbreaking researcher on BBS, publishing papers on BBS genes, cilia and the underlying causes of the syndrome.

Dr. Arlene Drack, Wynn Institute for Vision Research, University of Iowa:
Dr. Drack is an ophthalmologist and researcher who is perhaps best
known for her work testing two different therapies for BBS-related vision
loss, TUDCA and gene therapy in BBS3 mice. You can hear Dr. Drack
describe her research here.