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Bardet Biedl Syndrome Foundation

Connecting families and sharing information on research, treatment, and therapies for Bardet Biedl Syndrome.

2014 Conference: Why Iowa?

After holding our last two conferences in Durham, NC, our 2014 Conference will be held at the University of Iowa. Duke University was a great location so why did we decide to change?

First, many of our members from the Mid-West, Southwest and West
were ready for a conference a bit closer to home.

Second, there is some exciting BBS research happening at the University of Iowa. We wanted as many families as possible to connect with those researchers. The recent announcement of a major gift from Steve Wynn to fund more research on treating retinal degeneration makes it an exciting time to be in Iowa. You can read more about the gift and the research going on at the Wynn Institute for Vision Research at the University in the newsletter. (a limited number of families who are interested will be able to see the doctors at the university the day before the conference).

Third, the location in Iowa is reasonably close to the Marshfield Clinic
Center of Excellence, which allows speakers from the Center of Excellence to come, and for some families to combine a visit to the Center of Excellence with a trip to the conference.