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June 30-July 1, in Salt Lake City

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    Salt Lake City

                                   June 30-July 1

In all the years of the BBS Family Association we've never had a gathering west of Houston. This year we wanted to make things a bit easier for our many families in the West. We found a wonderful venue just outside Salt Lake City called Station Park.

Station Park has a hotel, conference center, activities and restaurants all in easy walking distance of each other--and it can be reached on a train from the airport with no need to rent a car or arrange other transportation.  

As always, our conference will be a wonderful time to connect with and learn from other BBS families, hear from leading experts about cutting edge research on BBS, and ask questions of doctors and specialists who have experience treating lots of people with BBS. We'll also have the chance to hear directly from leaders of Rhythm Pharmaceuticals about the first trial of a treatment for BBS-related hunger management and weight control. And we'll have plenty of sessions for BBS families to talk to each other.

Confirmed Speakers:
Dr. Robert Haws, BBS Center of Excellence, Marshfield Clinic
Dr. Hema Murali, BBS Center of Excellence, Marshfield Clinic
Dr. Fred Fioderek, Rhythm Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Erica Davis, Duke University
Dr. Max Nachury, UC-San Francisco
Steven Rose, Foundation Fighting Blindness
Dr. Nico Katsanis, Duke University

And many more!

Don't forget our famous "family reunion" banquet and a family activity on Saturday night!

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